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Give you a moment to transparent your happiness and take conscious actions step by step

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How to grow and cultivate an empowered system, Vol VII.

How to stop starting new things, and start thinking about you, your happiness, and what you can do to achieve it on a very visual, fun, and straightforward practice like 12 Steps to Happiness of Management 3.0?

There are hundreds of researches, books, theories, articles, and media created around the “how” to be happy, or what means happiness.

In the last years, appears the habits that highly motivated, or influencer people applies in their life to be, to pursue, or to maintain happiness.

What some people recommend are activities that truly engage what you want to do at work, at home, on any aspects (similar to the motivators you had) and where you feel that time flies, that you feel pleasure doing it.

With that kind of activity you will pass from thinking, to feel; from talking, to listen; from watching, to do; from a complaint, to appreciate, and more.

As part of an IT and Software Development company, that has a presence in more than 15 countries around the world, there are a lot of space for each individual to pursue their own happiness.

On the team where I applied this practice, I proposed it since with COVID the team has a lot of time sit, without interact with others, so I propose a the practices as a wellness personalized plan for the team

This wellbeing plan, is what Management 3.0 brings with the 12 Steps to Happiness: https://management30.com/practice/happiness-steps/.

Is, as in other activities, a fast, simpler, funny way to identify what’s happiness for you in some areas, where you are now, and what you will do next to pursue happiness? (As before, if you want to change something, you need to understand where are you first)

So, how can you pursue that state, that emotion, that is a long way to reach, and short-lasting?

First of all, with an article, theory, steps, habits, will not bring to you 24/7 Happiness guaranteed, what those practices bring it’s some things you can start changing, to allow happiness to flourish, to avoid having dangerous thoughts that can hurt you or others.

If you have all the ground set, then happiness will be visiting you more than ever, and you will have happiness as a path, not as a goal.

As you can see, I’m referring to happiness as something that is at a high-level, because as before, for each of us, happiness is something different.

Which are these 12 Steps you can start thinking about to evolve and create a better environment? They are:

Thank someone and be appreciative toward your colleagues, every single day.

Give something to another person or make it possible for others to offer gifts.

Help someone who is in need of assistance, or enable colleagues to help each other.

Eat well, and make good, healthy foods easily available for everyone.

Exercise and work out regularly and make it easy for people to take care of their bodies.

Rest well, sleep sufficiently, and enable colleagues to refresh their minds.

Experience new things, try stuff out, and let people run all kinds of experiments.

Hike outdoors, enjoy nature, and allow people an escape from the office and the city.

Meditate and get people to learn and adopt mindfulness practices.

Socialize, relate to other people, and make it easy for colleagues to develop connections.

Aim for a goal and get people to understand and realise their own purpose.

Smile whenever you can, appreciate humor, and get colleagues to engage in fun activities.

These areas, or steps, bring a lot of possibilities, not only for you but for the team, what can everyone do to improve on those steps? What can the organization do to improve the wellness of each person working there? Or into the community?

What can you do to appreciate what surrounds you? At home, at work, in other aspects too.

Those areas are a high-level aspect, for me and for you, Thank can be something completely different, and our effort to give the maximum of ourselves, too, but first, you need to identify what is the North.

In my case what I did was:

What you are going to read is a proposal, not a ruleset, or steps to follow, those were the steps that I did with some teams, so you can adapt it on your own with whatever fits better.

  1. Since all of us were remote (thanks to COVID), I used a Miro board. But you can use whatever you want to replicate this digital or physical.

  2. Create the list with the 12 steps.

  1. Then, each member thinks and add the desired goal you pursue to achieve with each of the 12 steps.

  2. After the goal “condition” you will assess your current condition (yes, like a Kata), and put the number between 1 to 5, being 5 closer to the desired goal or situation you want or expect in that area

  3. Finally, write your next step for this and or next week to increase or change that current situation, towards your desired goal.

As for other activities, I encourage you to focus on one, not to create steps for the 12 because as with any other changes, will take time, experiments, failures, and, why not, courage to maintain and gain the habits.

As a team we learned to share with others what were those next steps we want to do, and how to track period after period.

You can repeat this activity every certain time frame, to assess where you are, where you planned to be, and what you will do to continue improving.

As a Facilitator I learned that sharing this actions as teams, we feel it more empower into take actions, instead of leave it over there and forget about it, because you have others that supports you and are there for you.

In addition, gives you a clear and fast way of the habits, areas, or things you are doing, it brings you probably “quick-wins” where you can start changing things or start doing that will impact immediately on you and others, sometimes by doing simple and daily activities like this (and all the previous practices) allows you to improve your life and show you which small actions we can start doing that will generate changes on all the levels (professional, personal, at home, as a team, etc).

For the team, was worth to have mindfulness activities, to have talks were is forbidden to talk about work, other encounters were we propose what can we change from the company, and how to be that change.

My next experiment with this practice will be, as a Facilitator, to prioritize as a team one step to work together by week. It's not the same to do things with others, we are social beings, and we need others more than ever thanks to the situation we are facing.

See you soon.

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